Coup Soup – Furniture Revival by way of Fire

– Game for Flame! –

At the beginning of the year, I made a decision to stop refinishing and reviving  antiques to move in another direction.  After giving away most of my materials, selling the inventory and declining commission requests, I was contacted by a leading National Newspaper to take on a refinishing project like no other.  Burning Furniture.  Yes, scorching/torching/charring – Fire!  I’m that lass who favours a chain saw over a shopping cart and a motorcycle over a mini van so the answer was a no-brainer.  ABSOLUTELY!1-facade-raw-large-with-fireplace-rectagular-with-logo

The adrenaline junkie in me sprang from the sofa to buy a propane blow torch and bring the ol’ phono player up and out from the basement.  I assembled the torch and stared at it with a thrilling and nervous feeling before firing it up.  Well, let me tell you – the smell of burning hair is bad.  Seriously nasty.  Yep, the façade of the piece went up in flames!  fail-w-logo-uh-ohNote to self: (and you) do NOT torch veneered furniture!  Plan B:  search out a piece that was SOLID WOOD.  And it wasn’t easy !  I went to 5 places before finding a table to take home for incineration.  It was only $24 but the look o the cashiers face when I told her what I had planned for it?  Priceless!

I like to think of myself as a divergent thinker so concluded that the piece wouldn’t be consistently burned.  Instead, I opted to give the illusion that the fire had come from the left.  Different valve pressures of the flame held at various angles and distances worked to get the effect.  The original brass pull were passable but didn’t quite cut it so I dug around in the hardware box and came up with brass & oak knobs to burn.  (This girl is on Fire!) and backed them with patina’ diamond shaped plates.4-hardware-with-logo

Viola!   She was transformed to resemble a charred remnant from Tara in Gone With The Wind!  And can I tell you – the smell?  Crazy wonderful.  Think campfires, wood burning stoves and fireplaces.  For the most part, the feel of the finish is smooth but there are areas seared more than others for texture and authenticity.  There’s a beauteous ominous presence to the piece I just love.6-charred-edges-with-logo3-hardware-burnt-with-logo

The experience was scary and empowering.  With the 1/2 can of propane left, I’m looking around the room for another piece to be kissed by the flame.  (Good thing my kitchen cupboards are solid wood!) ….are yours?  Muuuuaaaahhhhh5-charred-after-perspective-with-logo

8-facade-stitched-2-with-logoIf you’ve a piece you wish to be altered by way of “Blaze”, get in torch touch! 🙂

Tana MacDonald

Little Red Bag Productionsa-red-vintage-purse-2



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