Coup Soup – “Autumn in the Kitchen”

This time of year, I find myself in search of savoury, flavoury comfort foods & beverage that fill the house with the tart, crisp smell of Autumn.  Delishes (my own language we refer to as ‘Tanalogue’) to be consumed by the light of the fire, to the sound of the masters. With no one in the house but me. autumn-trees

The earthiest of my gal pals dropped in with a big bag of apples she’d picked – mmm…it was going to be a sugary weekend!  The Apple Crumble recipe used since the age of 18 was replaced with a new slow cooker method recently discovered online.

When I was a girl, I thought Apple Crumble was gross.  A mushy mash of soggy apples and cinnamon that I thought, resembled dirt.  Not the most pleasing visual to a kid.  My sons are going through that phase now meaning this crumble, in its entirety, would end up in only one belly.  oink!

I made a checklist in my head before sitting down to peel.

  • ingredients √
  • offspring – sprung off √
  • playlist √
  • down to 1 or 2 articles of cozy clothing √
  • candles √ aimg_2995

‘Cuz I just can’t leave well enough alone; the recipe was modified to include raspberries, the substitution of brown and white sugars with coconut sugar, Himalayan salt rather than table salt and a handful of pecans to add a soft crunch. And finally – raspberry jam from the local farmers’ market dots the surface for that ‘gooey’ factor. These tweaks not only result in a better tasting Crumble but are great ‘guilt relievers’ and do a body good. You’ll especially appreciate it when scarfing & digesting. Throw it all together, set it on low, crack a window and the whole dang neighbourhood will weaken at the knees to the smell of the goodness.  aimg_3023Amidst the preparation, I felt something was amiss. A glass. Filled with a warm, wildly sinful & soothing libation.   The minute I pierced the first apple and the scent rose to my nose, I hankered for chocolate.   Martini. Chocolate Martini. Yes, please. Apples & raspberries, nuts & cinnamon, chocolate ‘n mint – Feelin’ it?  It’s Saturday night too.   And it’s not drinking alone if the pets are in the house, right?angelina-and-charlie-august-2016-date

Years ago, the chocolate martini was a crisp, clear cocktail with a hint of cocoa. These days, they’re served frothy, whipped, lined, rimmed, powdered and creamed. With Shavings. And spice. (I gained 6 pounds just writing that). Nothing appealed to me in ‘cyber cocktail land’ so I set out to concoct my own. No rim. No cream. Mint Garnish. Dark chocolate. Oh yea.

Here’s how it went:


½ oz. Crème du Cacao > 2 or so oz. Vodkaaahhh > 2 drops Cherry Extract > Sprig of mint < Square of dark chocolate > Ice > Shaker > A favourite glass


The Dance:

  1. In a cocktail shaker full of ice, add vodkaaaah, crème de cacao + 2 drops of cherry extract  (I found mine on Amazon)
  2. Close it tight and shake it like you mean it
  3. Strain the magic into the glass (the smell is heavenly)
  4. Garnish with a sprig of mint and square of dark chocolate split ¼” on one side to secure it to the glass
  5. Close your eyes, raise your glass and swill


So very indulgent. I sipped as I prepared and again as I sat and ate that kick ass Crumble right from the pan. 🙂   *Hiccup*


Tana – l i t t l e  r e d  b a g   p r o d u c t i o n sa-logo-fame-detail-with-bag-2016-small-for-bio-pic-wordpress


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